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Cable Isn't Doing So Poorly After All

Sure: Netflix, Hulu and Amazon may be the future of TV, but in the here and now don’t count out cable just yet.The most recent earnings reports from most cable providers show that they are faring much better than they had hoped, according to the New York Times, with the number of people still subscribing to cable figuring at about 100 million.

True, cable is losing costumers, but cable companies say it isn’t particularly to internet alternatives. Cutting the cord seems to be a recession-driven choice these days, with most of the losses occurring in lower-income households. Offsetting consumer losses are business clients: the single biggest area of growth for the nation’s two biggest distributors, Comcast and Time Warner Cable.

Netflix’s recent mistakes may be another reason for cable manufacturers to be optimistic, at least for now.

Cable companies appear to be hanging on for one other important reason: most digital alternatives to cable are merely used as supplements, and a relatively few number have switched to internet-only TV.

Heck, even Google now says that Google TV isn’t, ahem, ready for prime time.


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