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LS Cable & System vigorously develops new global markets

LS Cable & System (CEO & Chairman: Christopher Koo) successively won contracts for important power projects in Kazakhstan and Paraguay. Accordingly, the outlook for entry into the new markets of the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) and South America has become bright. LS Cable & System announced on the 12th that the company had won power cable supply contracts worth $24 million from Samruk Energy, a state-operated power company of Kazakhstan (equivalent to approx. KRW 28 billion), and $9.1 million (equivalent to approx. KRW 10 billion) from ANDE (Administracion Nacional de Electricidad) of Paraguay.

The Kazakhstani project is designed to resolve power deficiencies caused by expansive urban and industrial development in Almaty, the capital city. LS Cable & System will provide products, such as 127km of 220kV level extra high-voltage transmission cables and joints, and technical consultation until August next year. In addition, 140km of OPGW (optical ground wire, see glossary) and 1,100km of 220kV level gap conductors (see glossary) will be supplied together with installation support by year end to San Lorenzo and Guarambare for national backbone power and communication network implementation in Paraguay.

Having won the contract after a series of two strict assessments against two market leaders, 3M and Nexans, LS Cable & System was recognized as having technological capabilities and installation competencies superior to the competitors. In addition, being the first cable company in Korea to win a contract for a project in the CIS and South America, LS Cable & System has climbed to an advantageous position in terms of market entry into these areas of high growth potential.

LS Cable & System commenced vigorous overseas market entry from the early 1990s and now has around 100 operation sites in 24 countries. The company is implementing projects specialized by area in China, Asia, the Middle East, Russia, the U.S. and Europe.


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